As of 20 January 2011 the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) from 8 European countries are part of the European network UASnet. In the network they are represented by their national rectors’ conferences. The partners work together to promote and strengthen the integration and contribution of the UAS sector within the research and innovation strategy of Europe. Activities are therefore focused on applied research and the innovation and valorization strengths of UAS throughout European regions. The partners of UASnet come from: Finland (chair), Ireland, Portugal, Lithuania, Estonia, Flanders, Wallonia Denmark and the Netherlands.
UAS educate highly skilled professionals that bring an RDI mindset to the labour market.
UAS provide complete research and development innovations (RDI) for SMEs and organisations from the public sector by conducting applied research.
 It is from this integrated approach of applied research and higher education that UAS deliver social and economic development across the full spectrum of disciplines that are key to Europe’s growth.