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Presentations partners countries about higher education - Meeting Zürich December 2011

posted 11 Jan 2012, 01:53 by UASnet   [ updated 4 Oct 2012, 05:15 ]
The first secretary general meeting took place in Zurich, Switzerland, from December 1st to December 2nd, 2011. The meeting was organized within the framework of the UAS European network, UASnet, in order to improve the networking between the Secretary Generals of the UASnet partners and thus to enhance the cooperation and the opportunities of developing joint projects between the European UAS. Participating countries: Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland. Denmark could not participate but provide all information before the meeting.
Each participant presented opportunities and challenges of its conferences and institutions regarding the following three topics:
1. Organization of the rectors’ Conferences or association: tasks and mission, structure, funding, staff, etc.
2. Position of applied research: funding sources, coordination, challenges, etc.
3. Networking and improving contacts: goals, current practice, opportunities and challenges, role of UASnet, etc.
The presentations (published in the UASnet website) gave a complete overview of the situation in each country. Moreover, the discussions allowed the secretary generals to exchange their point of view about best practices as well about straits encounter in their countries.