UASnet Conference 2014 in Copenhagen on October 23rd and 24th: Tackling the Societal Challenges of Horizon 2020

This year the European network of universities of applied sciences (UASnet) 
conference was organised jointly with the University Colleges Denmark in Copenhagen. The theme of the conference was:  ‘Tackling the societal challenges of Horizon 2020’, the conference took place on 23rd and 24th of October 2014 at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

The two-day-programme featured four keynote speeches. The first on innovation 2.0, the second on the development of universities of applied sciences as strategic platforms for innovation, and the third on the first lessons from U-Multirank. The second day of the conference started with the fourth keynote speech on a new concept for applied science. In addition, the programme contained a number of workshops with concrete examples from the different institutions on health, social inclusion, chronic diseases, welfare.


UASnet-ERRIN workshop on Industrial Leadership pillar of Horizon 2020 - November 7 2013 in Brussels
 On Thursday November 7 2013 UASnet organised, together with ERRIN a workshop/seminar in Brussels on Industrial Leadership, one of the three pillars of Horizon2020. Target group± researchers dealing with industrial research matters. 
The Industrial Leadership pillar consists of three elements:
− Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies;
− Access to risk finance;
− Innovation in SMEs. 

The Commission and other relevant stakeholders spoke, among others: Ueapme (main representative of SMEs in Europe).
Webinar (online seminar) for researchers on environmental issues - October 15 2013
Innovation track during the annual Eurashe conference - Split May 2013
On May 10 2013, UASnet organised an interesting morning programme during the annual Eurashe conference held in Split, Coratia. The theme of this morning track was Higher Education and Innovation. More
Workshop Preparing for Horizon2020
11 December 2012, the UASnet organised  this workshop for more than 20 participants from seven different countries, all working at Universities of Applied Sciences and responsible for the research activities of their UAS. The main aim of this meeting was to share information and discuss the role of the UAS sector in the new European programmes. The participants received an update on Horizon 2020 from the EU Commission, discussed their own research theme’s and met up with colleagues to discover possible partnerships. More 
UASnet 2nd Conference Bragança- September/October 2012
From 29 September until 2 October 2012 the second annual conference of University of Applied Science Network (UASnet) took place in Bragança, Portugal. During these days, more than 200 participants from more than 15 different countries shared information and discussed  the role of the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in the European area, characterizations of the UAS system and the challenges of Applied Research within the European Union and its regions. More
Eduprof/UASnet 1st Conference Helsinki - September 2011
To conclude the EDUPROF project, mark the results and findings on applied research, a closing conference was organised in Helsinki, September 2011. For this conference UAS members from Europe and representatives from UAS rectors conferences from other parts of the World  (South Africa, Brazil) were invited, as well as representatives from the world of work with an interest in applied research. The conference is used to look back at the steps taken, and to look forward at future activities of the UASnet ‘new style’ beyond project partnership, in line with the wishes of the participants. In this way the closing conference of the EDUPROF project functions at the same time as a platform to launch the further teamwork within the new sustainable UASnet. [documentsphoto report, video report]
At the start of the EDUPROF project, the UK Magazine ‘Public Service’ published a profile article on the UASnet and the main goals of the three-year European teamwork. Read more about the context and mission of EDUPROF in this article.

Indicators process
During the EDUPROF project the partners worked together to develop and test a set of indicators for applied research, which fit UAS throughout Europe. With this initiative the project partners aim to contribute to greater transparency about the research mission, profiles and performances of Universities of Applied Sciences, and to help institutions to better position themselves and improve their research strategies, research quality and performances. The discussion on the construction of indicators to capture research and knowledge transfer activity in all its sub-dimensions is still very much unresolved. By developing and testing indicators of applied research, the UASnet partners hope to take this discussion one step further. [document]
Presidents Meeting Lisbon - May 2011
To extend UASnet network’s activities to the highest level of support, a Presidents meeting was organised in May 2011, Lisbon. Goal was to bring together the presidents from the various rectors’ conferences amongst the partners, and to discuss the outcomes of the Eduprof project and the future development of UASnet. Invited speakers at the meeting were the Portugese minister of Education, and a representative from the European Commission, Head of Skills Unit, DG Research. [documents 2010, 2009]

Brussels seminars - April 2009 and November 2010
During the lifetime of the EDUPROF project, the partners met with a growing enthusiasm from the side of representatives of the European Commission to provide guidance to European policy makers concerning the key role played by professional higher education and applied research in developing the knowledge society. Therefore the partners presented, through position papers and seminars in Brussels, their ideas on European policy, focusing on the link between academia and SMEs, including public and social sector companies, to bring about innovation. The 2009 seminar focused on the Leuven Bologna Declaration. The 2010 seminar on the role of UAS in the Innovation Union and European Research Area. [documents]

Ten thematic expert sessions 2009-2011
From the discussions at the starting conference, the 5 most pressing issues on applied research were formulated to be the topics for more in-depth peer learning activities. To this end, the network partners organized 10 thematic expert sessions. The first 5 sessions took place in November and December 2009. The second 5 sessions between October 2010 and April 2011. The following themes were selected [documents]: 
1. Quality assurance applied research, validation and recognition
2. Funding, sustainability and research priorities
3. Regional, national, international Partnerships 
4. HRM, organising research within the UAS
5. Link education – research – professional practice

Scheveningen Conference - February 2009 
To launch the beginning of the EDUPROF project in February 2009, 160 participants from the eleven UAS partner countries came together around the theme: Putting the pieces together. UAS as linking pin in the knowledge triangle. [presentations and other documents]